Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Friend

I am lucky that at any given time in my life, there has always been someone who has faith in me, just one person who doesn't doubt me, or my strength, or my abilities. Who that person is constantly changes, for people have always lost confidence in me, but when one has left, another one always has come. A person, who can see who I am and yet still trust that I can carry myself on my own two feet, and still trust that I haven't lost sight of God, that trusts that I have the wisdom to live life and live life well. Basically, someone who lets me live my life, and offers his support rather than control, cynicism, or fickle expectations.

I thank God incessantly for always giving me a shadow of Him to look upon whenever I despair and consider using the sea of doubt created by my family as an excuse to drown.

In this broken world are people slowly repairing themselves, who have hearts of love, and those hearts willing them into helping another repair herself.

A friend helps me realize that this life is not a test from God. We do not have to prove ourselves worthy before Him. We do not have to win His love. And there is no loneliness to overcome. All there is to prove is His greatness, to ourselves. We are already great. We are already loved. There is nothing to reap. All there is, is to water the earth and the souls therein, with the overflow of His love and Divine Friendship.

Thank You, and you.

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