Friday, November 25, 2011


What I am most thankful for is self-awareness. It is the greatest gift, the greatest tool, the greatest asset to life that God has granted to human beings, and to me.

Thank You God, for allowing me to see myself for how I really am. The pain I go through as I see how low I can sink is a thousand times more precious than any self delusion or unawareness of my faults, no matter how pleasurable and comforting that self delusion might be, no matter how blissful ignorance might be.

If I did not see me how I really am, I would not be able to see You for who You really are, in all Your graciousness and mercy.

Thank You.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peace on the Road

Something I frequently imagine while driving is people having the ability to communicate telepathically. It is strange, I've had this thought many times, but only while driving. Anyway, what I usually imagine is a world where people completely understand each other, because there is so much misunderstanding on the road. A world where no one has to beep their horns, because I can simply telepathically tell the mind/person behind me, "Okay, I'm sorry, but I'm a bit lost, and though I am in the left lane I need to get into that right exit over there. Would you please be kind enough to let me in ahead of you?" and they merrily reply, "Well, of course you can! I am simply on my way to the gym! Have a great day!" and I joyfully reply, "Thank you, good madam! Have a great workout!"