Monday, December 12, 2011

Why I Would Want More Hours in the Day

A friend of mine introduced me to the concept of polyphasic sleeping, which I was absolutely intrigued by and considered implementing as my sleep schedule (still in the process of researching whether it is worth it, but appreciate the idea nonetheless). After being introduced to this concept, naturally I began to daydream as to all the things I could accomplish by needing less sleep, being more alert/energized without caffeine, and all in all having more hours in the day to simply do stuff.

It was interesting to find that during this casual reflection, I quickly came to a definitive list of the activities I absolutely enjoy the most in life. If my life were saturated to its fullest capacity by the following seven activities, I would be the happiest person in the world:
  1. going to church
  2. reading
  3. engaging in discussion with family/close friends/interesting people
  4. exercising/keeping in good health/improving my body
  5. writing (i.e. thinking and recording my ideas; not really anything creative)
  6. relaxing and enjoying the company of family and close friends
  7. some sort of volunteer work
That list is my current definition of living a full life--these activities being the greatest tools God has given us to use to continuously refine one's character during this developmental phase in Life, our juvenile time here on earth. How enjoyable it is to become the new Eve, to become the better person He sees that I can be.

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