Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great People in One's Life

I have come to realize something about the kind of people I admire, that they all possess two fundamental characteristics. They 1) try to live honestly and 2) are genuine people.

As a philosopher, those two characteristics are technical terms for me, that have very specific meanings, and are not terms I throw around lightly. It is an honor for me, when I am able to think about someone I know/know of, and describe them as such.

Ben Casnocha, one of my favorite bloggers, wrote a post a while ago dedicated to nine icons in his life. I definitely want to imitate the idea and write a similar post, and in fact I think it would make for an interesting annual habit, to reflect every year on the people one admires the most, and see how the list transforms over the years, as one grows and discovers more admirable people. I think the old saying was, "You are who you know," and the new saying should be. "You are who you want to know."

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