Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Allergic Reactions and the Spiritual Life

I went to a wedding last weekend,* and they gave out chocolates with nuts in them.  I love chocolate, and apparently nuts are pretty good too.  But I'm allergic to nuts, and so I must forego the apparently heavenly combination.  No matter how exquisite and delicious the chocolate might be, I can't have them, and I certainly don't want to have them, because the pleasure will only last a few seconds, and then I will start getting a reaction and potentially die.

Watching everyone around me eat the chocolates made me reflect on the spiritual life.  I should look at an opportunity for sin in the same way I look at chocolate with nuts.  No matter how pleasurable the experience might be, it is fleeting, and is certainly not worth engaging in when it will only bring death to my soul.  I am not tempted by chocolates with nuts because the reality of death is always before me.  I wish I were just as realistic when I am tempted to sin.

*I didn't actually go to a wedding last weekend, but I did when I was writing this post, which has been a draft since October.

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