Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Guest Post

From my younger mind.

Monday, 05 April 2010

"Faith as a Mustard Seed"

As an insect sheds her shell, her new layer soft, sensitive, and vulnerable to the surroundings, she is at the mercy of nature during this period of new growth, while this new, bigger, better shell hardens. It is a test of willpower for this insect: to hold out against the elements - or - to let them ruin her. And so is the case with growing in maturity.

I want to take off this old shell that is too small for me and not good for me anymore, but the coward in me is afraid of inviting the new found maturity because of the criticism from others that I will receive in the process; on the other hand, the valiant one in me says, hey, that is a part of life, growth never comes in peace. Growing in spite of the criticism is what makes the growth all the more valuable. This is the world we live in, the environment this insect was created in. It is the nature of humans to judge and impede growth as well as it is the nature of the insect to live and grow despite all odds. If the new shell can survive in spite of the outer torment it received and finally harden, the new armor itself is a testimony to the struggle it took to get there. The struggle is the admirable part, above all else, in the end.

What decision will I make? Will I stay in this shell that I have outgrown, growing and growing inside until I must burst, but because I am trapped inside of this shell, simply collapse upon myself and die? Well, evidently, cowardice cannot coexist with living. It is a cusp on the curve. The same point has two different limits coming from the right and the left, therefore it DNE. Does not exist. This critical point is death. So this decision is out of the question. Though I may die if I fail to survive against the elements, that is, the nature of humans to belittle others so that they might look larger, at least it is a testimony to the decision I made. At least I was found worthy to die this noble death. The struggle is the admirable part, above all else, in the end.

The only way to live is to struggle and destroy all urges that compel you otherwise. These things are impossible for man, but all things are possible with God.

Jesus Christ arose.

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