Sunday, August 19, 2012

Misunderstanding and Inner Peace

I think the feeling of being misunderstood uproots inner peace undelayingly.  Much of my reliance on God stems from the peace of heart and mind I attain from the knowledge that there is Someone who understands, even if the whole world misunderstands.  He feeds this unquenchable desire to be understood, which is undoubtedly part of our need to be loved.  He turns the tables around.  Instead of me straining myself to explain and help Him understand me, as I would with any other person, He understands me better than I understand myself.  He explains me to me; the beautiful mystery is that not only am I understood by this All-Knowing and All-Loving Being, but the more I understand Him the more I understand myself.

I cannot imagine a relationship with any human being being like this, where you have no need to speak, because they already know, and where the more you understand this person and spend time with them, the deeper and truer becomes your understanding of yourself.  This relief from insecurity, this Sustainor of inner peace, could not be more perfect and complete...

Love which stems from created things is like a small lamp whose light is sustained by being fed with olive-oil.  Again, it is like a river fed by rainfall; once the supply that feeds it fails, the surge of its flow abates.  But love whose cause is God is like a spring welling up from the depths: its flow never abates, for God alone is that spring of love whose supply never fails. - St. Isaac the Syrian

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