Monday, July 18, 2011

Being Healthy on Behalf of Others

One of the wonderful things about modern society is that we have very easy ability to be the healthiest creatures, regardless of how we were raised, and what's more is that we can use our very own health to help others. I think that is why I love donating blood so much. I simply take care of myself, and by taking care of myself not only do I sustain my own health for decades to come, but my healthy body can even sustain other bodies. Giving blood is also the most direct way to show yourself that yes, your life is literally useful to the life of another, so you better stay alive and well.

It fascinates me, how great of an ability the American person has to do good in the world. It brings moral responsibility to a whole other level.

1 comment:

  1. Christ gave us His Blood for the salvation of our souls form death and corruption. Talk about new level of moral responsibility. =P

    I tried giving blood recently but they could not get a good vein.