Sunday, July 24, 2011

Knowing Great People

You either let someone inspire or intimidate you.

What you let a given person do for you can change from time to time. Perhaps at first you found them inspiring, but then when you realized that you were too lazy to do anything with their inspiration, they started to serve as a judgement for your lack of creation, and you subsequently became intimidated and even annoyed with them.

Or perhaps at first you found them intimidating, their words too profound. They started to show you that you don't understand everything, and you were too proud to allow them to do that, so you shied away and avoided them. But then you got to relate to them a little more, you started liking them a little more; you realized your own ability, and that being in wonder is indeed more pleasant, and then used their inspiration to push you forward to create for yourself.

I think this is how friendships and relationships end, when you let the intimidation get the best of you. You stop feeling useful anymore, and you stop allowing yourself to do something with their inspiration so as to have something to offer the other person as well. The other starts to feel guilty too, like a burden to you, as if simply being themselves was destroying your relationship. And then they become detached.

But it is also how they flourish, if you let the inspiration get the best of you and use it as fuel to push forward and discover the Truth yourself. When you indulge in the eternal circle of fascination.

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