Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Eye For An Eye

When people say, "An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind," they are just trying to maintain the delusion that somehow modern society is morally superior to ancient societies, and the assumption made in that statement is just a sign of their hypocrisy. In fact, even so, I think the world has deteriorated to such an extent that it would do us good to return back to "An eye for an eye," because obviously "Do unto others and you would have them do unto you," hasn't done us any.

If the case really were an eye for an eye, then I think no one would be blind, because they would think about their actions before plucking out a person's eye, like "Jee, I wouldn't want to lose my eye, maybe I shouldn't pluck this person's eye out after all." But apparently people these days miss the point, and that seems to be the favorite thing of people to do these days.

For one to say, "An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind," he must be making such an assumption based on what he sees in his own society today, and so his society must already be that way. It must already be evil, to only have the potential to lead to more evil. We must already be blind.

What I've concluded during this minuscule life of mine is that people don't want to get what's coming for them. That's why they make up self righteous mantras like, "If I actually gave a damn as to how what I did impacted others and held others in the same esteem that I hold of myself, well, that would just be preposterous! I would be blind to think that every way I hurt others, I am only hurting myself just as much! I must be self absorbed, for that is all a person has in this life, one only has his ego!" Oops, I meant to say, self righteous mantras like, "An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind."

Yes, please go on and make the assumption that everyone is just as egocentric as you are. You've already plucked your own eyes out, saved another from doing the dirty job.

Oh yeah, it's been 36 centuries since that law, and people still have eyes. Just sayin'.

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